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Support and Educational Resources for Children, Parents, Counselors, and Professionals dealing with
                                                            Siblings of Autism, Divorce, Illness, and Grief & Loss.
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The DVDs, Activity Books, and Quick Reference Cards offered by Partners In Parenting, LLC, have been developed, tested and proven with kids of elementary and middle-school ages by a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Social Worker with over 55 years of combined experience.

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New DVDs from Listen 2 Kids
Our Divorce, Illness, and Grief & Loss DVDs are now available in both Extended Professional versions and instant-view Family Versions.

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After working with kids and their families for 35 years, Sue Polan became acutely aware of the wisdom of children and believes that the world could be ever so much better, if we would just listen to them. 

To that end, Sue founded Listen2Kids Productions to create videos that seek to give voice to the wisdom of children as they teach us about important life topics such as grief, divorce and autism in the family.   As adults, we give ourselves permission to dismiss what kids say.  But kids haven’t learned cynicism, and they are better at getting down to the heat of an issue—if you give them a chance.

What Parents Need to Know From Kids About Divorce DVD DVD Cover - High Cost of High Conflict Divorce Illness DVD Cover Grief & Loss DEV Cover

...a special thank you for a video with such a heartfelt inside view of how kids feel.  I will recommend this to my clients." 

Isolina Ricci, Ph.D
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Director, CoParenting Today

The Divorce video is available
 in English and Spanish.

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Divorce video 

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"The children are so very clear about what they need from adults - presence, transparency, boundaries, peace.  For parents and family law attorneys."

Cynthia Grover

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High Conflict Divorce video 

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 "This film is very real and very reflective of what kids experience through their journey.  Everyone is afraid to talk to kids--just ask them. 
Well done!"

Debra Bailey RN, MS, FNP

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Illness video

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"Children have their own internal wisdom.  These unscripted kids give us insights into their process.  This is a valuable tool for anyone working with youngsters moving through the grieving process."

Christy Whitney
Executive Director
Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado

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Grief & Loss video

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Siblings of Autism DVD Cover "Siblings of Autism is a
 powerful and thought-provoking film.  I wish I'd had this information when raising my son with autism and his brother.  The insights offered by these children will be most appreciated by families, caregivers and service providers."
Joan Anderson M.S.
Autism Specialist and
parent of an adult on autism spectrum

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Siblings of Autism video

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DVD Cover - I See Your Ability - Inclusion "This video takes an honest look at inclusion from the perspective of staff and students.  For this elementary school, the rewards have been worth the challenges." 

Julie Albright
School Psychologist

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Desk Reference Cards

Partners In Parenting  Quick Reference Cards provide an instantly
understandable, graphic guide to recognizing and responding to the
effects of divorce on children at all developmental stages.  The flip
side does the same for Grief and Loss.  These are a must-have for
parents, professionals and anyone working with children in a
divorce situation, or children who have experienced loss in their lives. 

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Activity Books photo


Kids' Group Activities

Partners In Parenting Activity Books were created in response to requests by professionals who work with children during the high-distress periods of divorce, and grief and loss.   The hands-on activities were created to be used with groups of kids.  

These activities can be used as stand-alone curricula or in conjunction with the DVDs.

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